One fine morning I was in Jhansi, a historical city in Madhya Pradesh (India) a night before we decided to go to a place nearby Jhansi (175 km) which is one of the most celebrated, popular destination known worldwide. You must be excited to know what's so special.  OK, this place depicts the celebration of … Continue reading KHAJURAHO : PLACE WHERE LOVE BEGINS

Finding Your Place : CHINYALISAUR

via Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place Sometimes we just don't go, live , but feel the place then only it remains in our subconscious mind forever.It was after my marriage when i accompanied my husband  to dehradun (India) where he was posted that time .His site was at Chinyalisaur a tiny beautiful  hilly hamlet in … Continue reading Finding Your Place : CHINYALISAUR


"If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away" Howdy friends! Today is Saptami ( Seventh day of Durga navratri). With the end of Pitr paksh (month of forefathers) and now its the Devi paksh (matri paksh) according to Hindu scriptures,  it usher the start of festive season in India,  … Continue reading FESTIVE SEASON IN INDIA


"Friendship isn't  about whom you have known the's about who came and never left your side" Hi friends! One month ago my little kid bought a friendship band which was gifted by her friend from school. If we are lucky enough then friendship is the bond of lifetime with whom we play, share secrets(remember  … Continue reading 10 TIPS WHEN TRAVELING WITH FRIENDS


10 TIPS WHEN TRAVELING WITH KIDS "If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.Take of all your envies, jealousy, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears" Cesare Pavese   Hey there! All new parents and mothers you often might have thought of traveling to an exotic locale with your spouse/partner. OH! You have a newborn baby … Continue reading KIDS SPECIAL