Rumicool chronicles- the blog starts

If you want to make your dreams come true the first thing to do is wake up“….J M Power

Hi friends! Welcome to my first blog post, which I often thought what the topic could be, as myriads of thoughts may come to our mind when we are awake or daydreaming. But now, when it comes down to writing we often get muddled or short of words.

When initial thought of starting a blog came, first challenge was how to make a blog page amazing it could be. Discussing with my friends and cousins many were opinionated from helpful to extreme,  one was to drop the idea, write some short stories instead.

Another said what’s the need, when you can party with your friends’, do something meaningful. So for a meanwhile, was slightly upset as I was seeking help & guidance instead got criticism.What could be the reason? After pondering for a while, I reasoned out that whenever we start something new on an uncharted plane, many will mow us down, but very few will encourage us and only one in hundred may have positive impact in our life.

Jodi tor dak sune kyo na asei tobe ekla chole re” Nobel luareate Rabindranath Tagore’s famous lines in Bengali meaning if yours call are not responded then try to move ahead alone in life but with positivity.

So delete all the negative opinion and trigger the refresh button of your mind…. and move on. Though it is wonderful to be a loving daughter, a doting mother and wife but somewhere our soul aches to achieve and get recognized for our endevour (remember our school days when all of us aspire to succeed). Somewhere, somehow when we move on in life, our dreams get shackled by our own laid back attitude(sometimes sheer laziness) or sense of other responsibilities overtake us. Somewhere between wild awake to our senses and in our reverie with a cup of coffee, don’t we often wish to be back in our college days when we had such limited pocket-money but unlimited happiness with our little boxful of aspirations. On one fine day a thought came, why not help myself.

So, I started searching the net (internet could be a boon if used wisely but could be a bane if mindlessly used for video games, chatting dating app and so on). It then consumes so much of our time and energy that soon we are addicted with nothing else to think about.

Then, I came to know that there are many platforms which can give your domain name and provide assistance in launching your website or blog and other hosting related queries could be solved (it is free too). Later point, it can be switched to a more premium package. On searching I chose though there are other platforms too. As this was simple with user-friendly icons which we can tweak and moderate according to your needs.

Aho! so I was ready with my blog page. Whats next? Oh yes! The topic…. which I thought should be:

1. Interesting (not that boring tell all story)

2. Amazing

3. Something which you could write upon

4.With a dash of humor (who doesn’t  want to laugh)

5. Add some great quotes (not too many though)

6. It should be original honest and simple (without any copy paste) with some intriguing words here and there.

These are my personal opinions which may differ from person to person (according to your state of mind good bad or ugly). Armoured with these points, thought as if great blog would come my way. Alas! all my thoughts came and stuck at the tip of my pen.

Next thought came about the essays and composition during my school days (topics ranged from cow, village fair, my best friend, rainy day but none was hitting right). One day an old dust laden scrapbook of mine where about me pages, hobbies, some friend list, old pictures, some scraps of a summer vacation with parents…old memories wafted through my nostalgic eyes. In sparkle of a second, got idea of my new blog’ experiences which bring memories of all kind, esp. travel memories some popular ones and some unexplored where nature is in its pristine form rendering its old world charm. Question in my mind was though I could write some travel diaries but what could the reader gain from it. My aim is to give  the visitor an insight to places, life, culture and cuisines which are mostly unexplored or not on the first list of tourist destinations. Yes,  now it was clear (as for time being) that I will share my travel and life experiences which helps and bring smile to my readers.

Readers, as time passes we will gradually introduce more sections, will update the page accordingly but with your support, appreciation and positive suggestions. On our next blog  will share one of my memoirs of a place as enchanting, ancient and amazing .

Coming soon….. till then happy traveling and enjoy life. “The world is a book,and those who do not travel read only a page“….St. Augustine



30 thoughts on “Rumicool chronicles- the blog starts

  1. Viplav says:

    Nice beginning .Well I would say the first step is the hardest to take .glad that you took it didi.Many a times we dont even know our capabilities till we explore them .All the best .way to go …!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paramita chakraborty says:

    Sanchita at the outset, i would like to say that your notions put down in paper exude a beacon of hope for all those creative writers out there including me. People making a fresh start often get baffled as to chose the right topic. Putting in your own thoughts does not mean you can scribble anything under the sun. Yours was an interestng start. Keep them coming . Cheers


  3. Paramita chakraborty says:

    Sanchita at the outset, i would like to say that your notions put down in paper exude a beacon of hope for all those creative writers out there including me. People making a fresh start often get baffled as to chose the right topic. Putting in your own thoughts does not mean you can scribble anything under the sun. Yours was an interestng read and a good start. Keep them coming . Cheers

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  4. Bindu pandey says:

    Great Sanchita….keep on writing….u have the power to engage a reader….dts the most important area for a new blogger….all the best


  5. Ruchika Gupta says:

    Very nice Sanchita… Its a great start of course, which will surely provide you a new identity n recognition in the long run apart from being a daughter ,wife or mother.Best of luck for this today and always for your other forthcoming blogs. Waiting patiently for your other works…..


  6. Prashant Hazarika says:

    Hi, I am a school mate of Nihar. Really appreciate your effort and would like to mention that it’s only the first time that’s tough. Once we dare the first step, it’s a cake walk all along.

    Also criticism is important factor that pushes us to do something that we might otherwise not do.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your blogs.

    Prashant Hazarika

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  7. Dr. Saibal Ghosh, GSI says:

    I appreciate your approach of introducing the topic. Writing is really a great skill and satisfaction comes only when we understand the concern of the readers. From the very first attempt you are pretty clear about that which will definitely give you and your readers much enjoyment in the days to come….keep on writing Ma’am. Best of luck.


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