“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.Take of all your envies, jealousy, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears” Cesare Pavese



Hey there! All new parents and mothers you often might have thought of traveling to an exotic locale with your spouse/partner. OH! You have a newborn baby or toddler so you keep on churning excuses and postpone your trip till infinity and get jealous of other couple or neighbor who went for a vacation.

I have gone through a similar dilemma with my little kids who always cribbed and cried. So, thought of writing a blog on the above topic to help my readers to go for that dream vacation. I am jotting few points before you start bag packing.



  • Chalk your plan in structured way. Don’t plan difficult terrain or treks until you are professional traveler. Do consider the distance, as long distance travel may make your child restless.
  • With your little kids, plan weekend gateway or short distance (you will enjoy as your travel aspirations would be fulfilled).
  • Please check your hotel availability and confirm tickets in advance. You can also check for kid/family friendly hotels/resort which may lessen your hassles. For train/plane, look for availability of window seats (many times I have to cajole others for window seat). If you are member of some club/hostel it is added advantage. Oh! Yes we are member of Youth Hostel Association of India which provide accommodation to very interesting places with minimum charges and the members can avail trekking expedition too.
  • It is good to book refundable hotel bookings, in case of emergency you can cancel the booking. It is good idea to look for hotels having complimentary breakfast and if dinner too. I personally look for free Wi-Fi too so that you are in contact with family and friends digitally.
  • Now with kids in toe you have to prepare in advance but what let’s check.

CLOTHING: If the outing is in summer then go for light clothes. If in winter, then woolens (2-3 pullovers/sweaters, cap, woolen trouser) and undergarments with towel. Don’t overstuff as it would be difficult to carry (you can shop from the place you are visiting). If infants do take diapers, swipes.

babies bag.jpg



FOOD: Ah! My favourite part. So your child fusses, cries, runs around whenever you are trying to feed with your array of healthy food; forget travelling isn’t it…….but …..Will share my trick, believe me it worked every time with me. Go for interesting combination and colour (though you maintain healthy content), try to make homemade cake, tart, chips. Idli, Murukku (South Indian Preparation), dry sweets easier ones sandwich, paratha, roll etc would do. Cake could be home made in 10 minutes, one friend from Kerala gave me the recipe. This won’t take much time and minimum ingredients. If you have infant take some packets of cereal food, boiled water along with talmisri (Palm sweet candy) water, mostly used by Bengalis. My elder one who used to fuss a lot could be managed with these stuff.

baby snacks



  • ACCESSORIES: Yes! With kids you better be prepared. Bucket list include soap, paper soap (it’s very handy), sanitizer, talcum powder with medicinal properties or soothing effect, comb etc. Oh! Some toys and paper, pen (children love to draw) and story books. Its good idea to have baby’s bag with provision of two diaper, water bottle, paper soap one extra clothing, some snacks to munch on. It’s really helps when you are out and locally enjoying the place of visit.


MEDICINES: Though we dread and hate to think our kids as sick but it’s better to take precaution. Take a small First Aid kit along with medicines for fever, stomach ache, cough and cold (my younger one catches cold whenever I traveled) anti-vomiting (as many kids have this problem specially if traveling in the hills or higher altitude), anti-allergy medicines. OMG! The list is getting longer ,my kids hate medicines so less bitter better).



  • PLACES: The place you are visiting should be safe or else see that you have some local reference for help. Prefer the kid’s friendly areas and cooler climate always. In our trip to Shimla when strolling along the Mall road, my elder one started crying we then hired a trolley with synthesizer attached to it so that she can play and the sound may distract her pensive mood. But alas! Sometime our best planning also fails but keep the hope for next trip.

So we are done, just make your baggage lighter, feel relaxed ( I know sometimes we get stressed, when kids throw tantrums) but still book your tickets, add some melodies in your playlist and get set go……………

Thanks for the patience as you read this your kid may have broken a toy; so enjoy your time and till my next post, Happy Parenting…..Remember we live once and time flies, never repent tomorrow for what you have not done today which you could have achieved. Bon Voyage!




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