” Every  saint has a past. Every sinner has a future”  Warren Buffet

Hi everybody! You must be afraid after reading the title. Today I am going to share an interesting rendezvous with two mystic healer. In new place you face many hiccups and was for us as we were facing many health issues, car met with accident, some important papers got lost, every other day some problems cropped up and we were clue less about the solution. Then someone suggested a mystic healer from his native place would solve all the problem as he has seen in his village.

One fine morning she (healer) along with her assistant arrived. She asked me some personal questions and after sometime she performed the rituals and offerings for God and started chanting some hymns (mantras). She drew an elaborate drawing with vermillion and continued, then blew some fire on floor in front of us which flew like a yellow amber, afterwards she finished. Then she gave some traditional medicines and spread grains inside the house to ward off any evil eye and vastudosh.


At the evening she took a glass of water and poured some (rice) grains into it. By looking at the pattern of water she told us about the evil eye (nazardosh) and many things. She assured us that evil eye cannot disturb us anymore in future and in that positive note she departed back to her village.

 After her departure, many months elapsed but the situation remained same so another person took us to a healer who has some mystic power as he can solve our agonies. The healer, professed that all our problems would be solved. He again asked some question and looked into our eye and told our misfortunes and offered help by starting some chants and writing in a chit of paper. Then he brought some leaves of jackfruit tree and wrote something with red ink with a pen made of guava stick and chanted some hymns.

All of a sudden he cut those leaves with a scissor and threw away. After that he said our misfortune and ill effect would be abolished and also gave some medicines, bidding us adieu.


From that sunny afternoon till this day we are still waiting to get renewed life with no ill luck. Hope the wait gets over but that afternoon fiesta with healer would be etched in my mind forever.


This blog post was different as I wrote about varied cultural traditions, mysticism, spirituality that pervades and persists in our society till date. Till my next post happy reading and enjoy.

Thanks for reading, do drop your comments.


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