“Friendship isn’t  about whom you have known the longest..it’s about who came and never left your side”

Hi friends! One month ago my little kid bought a friendship band which was gifted by her friend from school. If we are lucky enough then friendship is the bond of lifetime with whom we play, share secrets(remember  discussing our first crush with friends),  bunk classes, craziest gossips, making silly mistakes, saving them from angry parents, going out for a movie, fool around and do weird things which we now laugh aloud. This blog post is an ode to friendship and to all my friends who influenced and touched my life sometime or other.



 Yes! I know you all have such crazy friends with whom you want to explore the world { I love movies so got inspired with “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”} or a get together or reunion of sorts in an amazing  place, but after pondering we often make excuse in our mind thinking. Oh! who will plan or synchronize the whole trip with years of distance tearing your friendship, or feeling too old to do something childish. OK ! Take a chill pill, sun is bright, moment is right; lets  party tonight with our best buddies. Yes,  make a plan pack your bags this weekend and rekindle your friendship once again.



 “Good friends care for each other, true friends stay forever beyond words beyond distance, beyond time”

Here I have listed some of the fun ideas which if you try with your friends while traveling will bring out the child within you and paint your memory with full of colors.



  • CAMPING: You have made a plan and you are in the midst of an amazing place now do the unusual by hiring a tent/ tree house/ house boat if its possible it will increase your excitement to another notch where you can start camping (as kids we use to read famous five/secret seven where all friends use to go for camping).
  • SURPRISE JOURNEY/ROAD TRIP: Here we go for a surprise road trip on a bike to explore the countryside its flora , fauna and culture.some hot locales for friendly globetrotting in my opinion are

1.Goa: Its the favorite of new generation with its awesome beaches, shacks, sun n sand, its popularity soared after movie “Dil Chahta Hai” among youngster.


2.Mahabaleshwar: Oh! I remember reaching this place at 1 am night, and running for my woolens as cool breeze swept me away. 

3.Lonavla /Khandala: Aati Kya Khandala” remember the song immortalized by Aamir Khan, this place is awesome with beautiful resorts and hillocks, famous for chikkis but we were tired to find a suitable nest, at last we did we were so famished by that time that we really gorge on the food.

4. Mussorie/ Dhanaulti: This place was like dream from heaven with mountainous curves cool Barista, best schools, clouds and snow filled roads what more you ask. In Dhanualti you are amidst clouds for most part of year.

5.Mandarmani: Yes it is tranquil and peaceful not yet hoarded by tourists, lot of water sports you can enjoy with friends it took 4 hrs to reach us there.

6.Shillong: Famous for its churches, schools, rock bands and many more. This place is cool as cucumber for all next-gen. In all this places you can avail road trips while enjoying the  picturesque location.

  •  ACTIVITY: Well ! you are in amazing space with your friends now what to do after road trip go for one adventure activity you were dying to do with your friends [for fun everybody  pings and select one by lucky draw] it could be trekking link, rock climbing (www.nimindia.net), cycling, mountaineering, river rafting (www.expeditionsindia.com) or water sports, scuba diving.

 POOL IN: If we have some equipment or kitchenette then everybody could make a dish lay a table for brunch or dinner. In this way your culinary expertise will come to the forefront and you all may enjoy a sumptuous meal.


  •  LOCAL CULTURE: We should then try attend one workshop of local culture and artistry, even if it’s a small  thing take your time out for pottery making, weaving, painting, clay modelling etc it could be so much fun with all mud and colors splashing over.



  •  GAMES: No! Not talking about  pokemon go or game of thrones though I like them but this time I suggest go for real games like spilling secrets (though not harsh or annoying),truth or dare, passing the parcel though seems childish but still adds the charm.
  • FOODIES DELIGHT: Since the idea is to have fun with friends so go for street food and have some competition like how many one could eat in 5 minutes or so [panipuri, samosa, rasgulla, chop, pie, burger, french fries anything it could be ] since I am writing I am also tempted to try this one.


  • COMPETITION: We all loved playing sports during our childhood when we kids used to break the window pane, why not  try now start with playing chess, cards, chinese checker if you are fond of outdoors than badminton, beach ball, cricket. After a long time there would be bonding and excitement which can’t be measured.
  •  SHOPPING: Who doesn’t like shopping and little gifts so why not buy little gifts or souvenirs for all your buddies according to their taste according to your budget and see if we still remember their likes or dislikes at night all of you sit and unwrap the gifts it could be so much fun.

BONFIRE: Aah! my favorite sitting by the riverside having bonfire with kettle hanging brewing some hot tea ,having a jam(music) session  with a guitar isn’t it lovely to think about the stary night endless gossip with your friends,what a memorable evening that would be etched in our mind.

Here were some fun ideas shared in to add to the excitement to start your journey with friends, there could be many more ideas if you have one you can share. So what you are waiting for, till my next post enjoy this friendship video. Just go for that getaway you were wishing for….Bon Voyage.

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