Ubud Bali: village of artists


“One day, you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you have always wanted. Do it now”.  Paulo Coehlo

Hello everyone! Winter is knocking at our door, today is thanks giving day. In India it is catching up in its unique way. Winter as its own charm with fog all over, dry leaves falling paving for new. Friends huddled near a Sigri (little fire-place) chatting and  munching groundnut in the amber glow, rising from the flame. Its time to pursue writing, painting and so  on. Painting reminded me of one place which I will never forget and inspires me time and again to start an art studio. This is a place where dreams are made of, where the whole village is pursuing artistic endeavor to fulfill their livelihood and  creativity. The beauty of the villages here could surpass the modern architecture and interior concept. If you have read this much then you are really interested in knowing more about Ubud Bali (Indonesia) artists paradise. Lets explore Ubud the cultural capital of Bali.





WAY TO UBUD: It was a bright morning when we started but were little late so we missed the traditional Barong (dance drama with folklore like Ramayana and Mahabharata etc.) dance on our way. So we went straight to Cheluk village in Ubud  where most of the people are Gold or Silver smiths. Here its a family business where it comes from many generations and entire family members are engaged in it mostly at their own house. House is also tastefully decorated with Ganapati (Ganesha) idol at the entrance, and a temple at the courtyard (Balinese practice Hinduism mostly). As we entered we were greeted warmly by the family members. Balinese are really very friendly and hospitable always with a warm smile on their face. So their display room was full of beautiful gold and silver  jewellery influenced by Indonesian craftsmanship , how beautiful it was I still remember. I bought a silver pendant and bade them goodbye.

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UBUD  VILLAGE: Now the most amazing part begins as we drove to Ubud village, through rich foliage and Frangipani flowers strewn all over this picturesque location, as if I was into a different era, stuff where movies are made of. Oh yes! Julia Roberts movie eat, pray, love was shot in Ubud. It was the artists village as we came to know with the most creative and beautiful houses I have seen. The entrance was unique as if it was half cut,  with Wayans  their surname written over in a plank(see slide show below.) I saw a little lily pool with flowers on it and the doors were beautifully engraved beside a little garden with a temple. Inside the look was amazing with painters sketching, drawing giving finishing touch to their paintings. All of them from the same family. I bought a small painting from them to remember my visit.

LUNCH NEAR VOLCANO :Yes what you are reading is true, near volcano Kintamani bali volcano.jpg( Mount Batur) we had  our lunch. It was buffet and was good with volcano overlooking view. What a sight it was! In my upcoming posts I will dwell on that. Next we went to wood carving  village where they were carving esp. Garuda (humanoid bird)   of Indian mythology and mount of Lord Vishnu. Different types of carving was going on with simple wood to driftwood which was marvelous as it was similar to Indian wood carving. Suddenly we saw some backpackers in a group, cycling with their electric cycles and zoomed away. On asking came to know that cycling is a leisurely hobby often persuaded by the nomads and travelers in Ubud.
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SCULPTORS DELIGHT: Have you seen real sculpting apart from art college or an art studio. Here the entire space of Bali I saw stone sculptors with their utmost beautiful collection, sculpting day and night. I wanted to have one but it was quite heavy to carry as it was stone.Though I couldn’t buy but I will share the pictures which I took over at sculptors house.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 As the sun was setting we started our journey through a thick tropical forest amidst bird chirping and tweeting,monkeys playing. Lanterns, candles, lights coming up from the human habitation and plush resorts far from the maddening crowd. Nearby Ubud was heavenly as the women were offering evening prayers with small flower casket over the entrance. Far away smoke from the chimney suggested that cooking has started for night. After a while we were in the city with its dazzling lights and night life.



On my next post I will share the real exquisite  Bali, its world-famous beaches, dolphins, ancient temples, Barong dance, volcano, Coffee plantation, shopping and much more with pictures. Until then sayonara..happy reading

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