Finding Your Place : CHINYALISAUR

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Sometimes we just don’t go, live , but feel the place then only it remains in our subconscious mind forever.It was after my marriage when i accompanied my husband  to dehradun (India) where he was posted that time .His site was at Chinyalisaur a tiny beautiful  hilly hamlet in Uttarakhand which no one has heard before. So with oscillating emotions of leaving my parental house and going to an hitherto  unknown place was quite a challenge.



At last we started our first life’s journey from Dehradun via Mussorie  to Chinyalisaur.Slowly our car took off in hilly terrain with twists and turns overlooking the splendid view of Himalayas.Soon we reached mussorie as Rishikesh road was blocked and what an enchanting location.  It was, filled with honeymooners tiny shops like barista,book shop( Ruskin Bond came that day for his book launch)  at mall road. after sitting a while we started our onward journey and reached Chinyali at night.His friend(Thanks Gajbhiye Bhaiya, Sunita) graciously  hosted dinner for us.



it was a fine bright morning with birds chirping school kids going to nearby school , as the mighty Himalayas overlooked us,it was a sight i still remember.That evening we got an invitation from a couple friend to join for evening party.that started my beautiful friendship with my Chinyali friends which blossomed and still persists  .Though we are in different cities now but distance didn’t affected our warm relationship(isn’t it Rashmi, Saloni, Shweta, Pratibha, Swati,Sunita, Richa,Anju bhabhi ,Neelam,vinod bhabhi, Kusum Bhabhi , Purushottam Bhabhi, Nagendra Bhabhi, Usha Bhabhi) which carries through various social media and groups till today with their kids also joining.Forgive if i have missed any name.Another post on vividly capturing uttarakhand will come soon.

All i can say is Chinyalisaur is not only be remembered for its beauty ,humbleness of people (yes one native women embroidered my Saree without taking money which i offered ) but also for the beautiful little time i spent of my life over the magnanimous Himalayas where somewhere my memories are still carried off by a flutter of wind.




6 thoughts on “Finding Your Place : CHINYALISAUR

  1. Rashmi Singh Yadav says:

    Beautifully written…and yes it took me to memory lane a nd everything was like a picture gallery.I remember your first visit and we were so excited to welcome you .Those were the days….it was not the place but the people there who made it special and memorable 🤗

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